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A Resource for Learning & Mastering Wavelab

After years of providing help to new and existing WaveLab users in various ways, I’ve decided to create this website which contains free links to many of my WaveLab settings, preferences, and presets to help you work better, faster, smarter, and more confidently in WaveLab Pro.

And while I hope to have the time someday to create a nicely edited and scripted video tutorial series for WaveLab, you’ll currently find links to the growing number of monthly livestreams I do for Steinberg on various topics pertaining to WaveLab, as well as links to various 3rd party apps and utilities I use to work even faster and more consistently in my daily workflow.

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WaveLab is a powerful and specialized mastering DAW, but that can sometimes come with a steep learning curve so I am now offering one-on-one Zoom sessions that can be booked online. After organically booking a number of them during 2020, I’ve decided to officially offer booking private sessions as a service.

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