A Resource for Learning & Mastering Wavelab


Below you’ll find links to some of the 3rd party software used in the videos to help navigate and work more efficiently in WaveLab Pro.

  • WaveLab Updates & Downloads

    Here’s a link to the latest WaveLab downloads on the Steinberg website.

  • Path Finder

    I’ve been using this app as an alternative to the Mac Finder. I like that this app automatically resizes the column width so you can see the full file name, use the legacy file and folder coloring scheme so you can actually see it again, and much more.

  • Default Folder X

    This is a great utility app to help you navigate to recent files and folders when saving or opening files in WaveLab (and other apps). You’ll wonder how you worked so long without it.

  • Copy'em Paste

    A great clipboard management app. You can save lists of commonly used text, and assign shortcuts for commonly used text. Great for initial naming of projects, and creating folder and file paths in WaveLab.

  • Alfred

    A great productivity app that allows you to quickly launch apps, paste custom text via shortcuts, view your clipboard history for easy pasting of recently copied text, and so much more.

  • MailButler

    A great add-on to your Apple Mail app to schedule emails, and easily use email templates when sending out master files to your clients.

  • Ian Shepherd's Perception Plugin

    This is a great plugin for doing level matched A/B comparisons while mastering. The global master section in WaveLab has something similar called Smart Bypass but this plugin works inside the audio montage, unlike Smart Bypass in the global master section.