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Episode #8

Glenn Schick Interview

In this edition, I interview world class mastering engineer Glenn Schick (Ludacris, Of Montreal, Gucci Mane, Drive-By Truckers, Widespread Panic, J. Cole, Justin Bieber) and discuss Glenn’s journey into mastering, mastering in general, plus how and why he uses WaveLab Pro in his mastering process.

Episode #7

Batch Processor Overview With Ian Stewart

In this video, I talk with fellow mastering engineer and WaveLab user Ian Stewart about the using the powerful Batch Processor in WaveLab Pro.

Episode #6

EP/Album Mastering In The Audio Montage

In this video I demonstrate how to assemble and master EPs and albums in the Audio Montage of WaveLab Pro, as well as render various digital master formats. Please see video #5 for rendering masters For vinyl and/or cassette release.

Episode #5

Rendering Masters For Vinyl & Cassette Release

In this video I demonstrate how to render and export master files for vinyl and cassette release as well as some other things to consider.

Episode #4

Single Song Mastering in the Audio Montage

In this video I demonstrate a few ways in which I master single songs in WaveLab Pro using the Audio Montage. I go through how to load songs into the Audio Montage, trim, edit, fade, etc., apply plugins, enter metadata, and render various master file formats from 24-bit/96k WAV all the way down to reference […]

Episode #3

Analog Equipment Integration & Routing

In this video I demonstrate some ways in which you can incorporate analog equipment into your mastering chain in WaveLab Pro. WaveLab Pro 10 introduced some new features that allow you to more easily route audio to your outputs that feed your analog mastering chain (using Reference Tracks), and record audio back in on a […]

Episode #2

Pete Lyman Interview

In this video I interview the great mastering engineer Pete Lyman from Infrasonic Sound in Nashville, TN. Pete is a long time WaveLab user and we chat about mastering in general, mastering for vinyl, and he screen shares and discusses his WaveLab configuration.

Episode #1

Audio Editor vs. Audio Montage

In this video I provide a broad overview of WaveLab Pro and explain the different between working in the Audio Editor vs. the Audio Montage. It’s long, but full of great info for new users.

Pilot Episode

Welcome to WaveLab

After continually lacking the time to create a properly scripted and edited WaveLab tutorial series, I decided to do a live walkthrough of some great features and workflows in WaveLab Pro. This video is quite long but it provides some useful info for new and existing users of WaveLab Pro. As you’ll see, I am […]

Preferences & Settings Overview

Preferences & Settings Overview

In this video I show you how to download and install some or all of my preferences and settings into onto your system. The settings can be downloaded from the Presets page on this website.